The SAMURAI Soul Experience

In the castle town of Sanada clan who had a domain of hundred thousand koku(land on which one hundred thousand koku of rice could be harvested), you can learn the samurai spirit by becoming a samurai. While wearing armor, we walk around Matsushiro Castle Site and Sanada Residence which are National Designated Historic Site and take photos. Then, have a “ Hakozen” experience which is a traditional style of lunch, it’s local food culture that has been passed down from ancient times.
(The implementation has been suspended due to the spread of infectious diseases. As of August 25,2021)


The SAMURAI Soul Experience

per person

Adults 15000Yen
Children 8500Yen 6yr~12yr

Plan Details

Duration 2021/7/1(Thu)~2021/11/30(Tue)
Excluded Dates None
What is included in the travel/plan price ・Armor Experience
・Admission fee for Sanada Residence
・Admission fee for Bunbu School
・English-Speaking Guide
Minimum number of people for reservation 2 person/people
Minimum number of travelers 2 person/people
Maximum number of applicants 8 person/people
Tour Conductor No
Tour Time Almost 5.5 hours
Reservation Deadline 7 days before activity day
Payment Method Creditcard
- Meeting Place -

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Former Matsushiro Station

- Important Points -
  • It may be with other customers
- Cancellation Fee -

In cases where the customer cancels the contract after the contract has been completed, 1 customer will be charged a cancellation fee from their travel fee at the following rates. In cases where multiple people are participating and a portion of the customers cancel their contracts, we will charge the remaining customers a fee based on the difference according to the change in the number of people (around 1 vehicle/1 room per person) using transport and accommodation facilities.

From 10 to 8 days before From 7 to 2 days before 1 day before Before activity start on the day After activity start on the day and No-contact
20% 30% 40% 50% 100%
- Plan Provider Company -

TOUR DESK Matsushiro Walkers
〒381-1231 84 Matsushiro, Matsushiro-machi, Nagano-shi, Nagano

Sales Manager:Yamamoto

Contact Phone Number:+81-26-274-5142


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Plan Contents

SAMURAI Experience with Wearing Armor!

In fact, you wear armor and walk around Matsushiro Castle Site and Sanada Residence which are National Designated Historic Site.
The photo is like a time slip in the Warring states period!

“Hakozen” Lunch

For lunch, you will experience "Hakozen" and learn Japanese culture such as traditional Japanese food culture and manners, and fill your heart and stomach.

Kyudo (Japanese Archery)

In Bunbu Gakko built in Edo era, you will experience Japanese archery at Kyudo hall where old samurais actually trained, and learn the samurai spirit of「Everything begin and end with bowing(courtesy)」.

Kobudo (Traditional Martial Arts)

In spear hall of Bunbu Gakko, you will get lectured how to hold swords, basic way of fencing and other martial arts.