Beautiful scenery

Visit Soba Shops by Cycling

You will visit healthy buckwheat shops by cycling. Get refreshed by the beautiful Azumino scenery and healthy Soba.


Visit Soba Shops by Cycling

per person

Adults 17000Yen
Children 12000Yen 6 to 11 years

Plan Details

Duration 2022/4/1(Fri)~2022/11/30(Wed)
1st April 2021 - 30th November 2021
Excluded Dates Every Tuesday and Wednesday
What is included in the travel/plan price ・Rental bike
・Rental helmet
・English guide
・Cooking Soba experience and lunch
・ Oyaki and Garrett.
Minimum number of people for reservation 2 person/people
Minimum number of travelers 2 person/people
Maximum number of applicants 8 person/people
Tour Conductor No
Reservation Deadline 2 days before
Payment Method Creditcard
- Meeting Place -

Address is displayed when location is selected.

JR Oito line Hotaka station

- Important Points -
  • The tour will be shared with someone else.
  • The tour is only for people who can ride bikes safely.
  • Please let us know if you are allergic to something.
- Cancellation Fee -

In cases where the customer cancels the contract after the contract has been completed, 1 customer will be charged a cancellation fee from their travel fee at the following rates. In cases where multiple people are participating and a portion of the customers cancel their contracts, we will charge the remaining customers a fee based on the difference according to the change in the number of people (around 1 vehicle/1 room per person) using transport and accommodation facilities.

From 3 days before to 2 day before 1 day before On activity day No-contact after the activity start
20% 40% 50% 100%
- Plan Provider Company -

9636-1, Hotaka, Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture 399-8303

Sales Manager:KASHU

Contact Phone Number:+81-90-9392-5364


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Plan Contents

Course details

9:00 AM meeting up at JR Oito line Hotaka station and start cycling==9:25 AM Hotaka shrine==10:00 AM Wasabi field=10:55 AM visiting a flour mill==11:20 AM Oyaki shop==11:40AM Have a rest at Ashi-yu Onsen==11:50 AM Making Soba experience==1:55 PM Soba garret shop==3:00 PM End the tour at Hotaka station

(== Cycling)


The knowledgable local guide will lead you to buckwheat shops by cycling.
Enjoy the beautiful Azumino scenery.

Daio Wasabi farm

It’s the biggest Wasabi farm spreading Shinshu Azumino.
You will see the growing in the fresh water and have a bite of the stem and leaves.

Making soba experience

Any generation people will have fun with it.
Knitting, stretching and chopping by the special knife.
You will enjoy your own soba.

Shinshu specialty Oyaki

Oyaki was used to be lunchbringing out to farms.
This is a local food made with beans and vegetables then wrapped by thin wheat or buckwheat flour skin.

Try Ashi-yu(Foot Onsen)

Half way through, you will have a rest soaking your legs into Ashi-yu.
Get refreshed with Ashi-yu and Oyaki together.

Similarities with France

We will end the trip with a galette made with local ingredients.