Shinano Satoyama landscape One-day E-BIKE Tour

Cycling tranquil satoyama landscape by the latest electric assisted MTB.
Through Lake Nojiri, Kurohime-Kogen, and nostalgic landscape of villages along Hokkoku-Kaido Road, ride exhilaratingly on e-bike while learning about the old farm roads, forest roads. and roads having used by local people from the past.


Shinano Satoyama landscape One-day E-BIKE Tour

per person

Adults 9500Yen
Children 7500Yen ~15yr Height 150cm or more

Shinano Satoyama landscape One-day E-BIKE Tour(In case of one person participation, it need be required )

per person

Adults 15000Yen

Plan Details

Duration 2022/4/18(Mon)~2022/8/31(Wed)
Excluded Dates None
What is included in the travel/plan price ・Guide
・Rental fee for e-bike and helmet
Minimum number of people for reservation 2 person/people
Minimum number of travelers 2 person/people
Maximum number of applicants 5 person/people
Tour Conductor No
Tour Time Almost 7 hours
Reservation Deadline 2 days before at 18:00
Payment Method Creditcard
- Meeting Place -

Address is displayed when location is selected.

Shinano Railway Kita-Shinano Line Kurohime Station

- Important Points -
  • It may be with other customers.
  • In the event of stormy weather or poor physical condition, safety may be prioritized and the tour may be cancelled even during the tour.
- Other -
  • Free photos for your memories of the tour.
    Cycling around tranquil satoyama landscape (woodland near the village) and beautiful forests in The National Park. Do you want great photos of yourself cycling, don’t you!? On this tour of us, your guide will take photos of you during the excursion and gift them as memories of the day at the end of the tour. (Only for those who wish.)
  • Transfer only to accommodations in Shinano-machi town.
- Cancellation Fee -

In cases where the customer cancels the contract after the contract has been completed, 1 customer will be charged a cancellation fee from their travel fee at the following rates. In cases where multiple people are participating and a portion of the customers cancel their contracts, we will charge the remaining customers a fee based on the difference according to the change in the number of people (around 1 vehicle/1 room per person) using transport and accommodation facilities.

2 days before 1 day before The activity day and No-contact after the tour start
30% 50% 100%
- Plan Provider Company -

Shinano Discovery
1511 Furumi, Shinano-cho, Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano 389-1302

Sales Manager:Kohei Nishida

Contact Phone Number:+81-90-6514-0855


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Plan Contents

Course details

9:00 Meet at Kurohime Station ・・・ 9:30 E-bike start ===11:30 Aqueduct system in Edo Period and Hokkoku-Kaido Road===12:00 Lake Nojiri===13:30 Old tunnel that makes you feel like you travel into Meiji Period.===15:30 End of tour at meeting point.


Easily cycling by the latest electric assisted MTB!

Shinano Discovery have two regular models of TAGETE and semi-fat tires of NERONE. These bikes are full-fledged, so you can run hard on unpaved roads!(TAGETE is suitable for heights 150cm〜170cm, NERONE is for heights 165cm〜190cm)

Enjoy the four seasons

In north of Nagano Prefecture (Kita-Shinano), we can clearly feel the differences between the four seasons.
SPRING ; Cycling while harvesting edible wild plants, and the beautiful reflections of mountains into rice paddy fields.
SUMMER ; Many choice of water activities on the lake.
AUTUMN ; Changing colors of mountains and forests, and rice fields turning into golden color.
Would you like to find the joy of each season?

Guided by locals who knows the area thoroughly

Will guides you to special secret points, trails and superb view spots unique to the local guide. Lots of wonderful discoveries that can only be found on a bike. Let’s go on an adventure of exciting as a child!