Matsumoto Night Tour Plan

Night entertainment in Matsumoto! This is IZAKAYA-hopping tour, samurai and ninja will take you on a pub-crawl in the town. You learn about local sake by Japanese samurai and compare different brands of local sake.
(The implementation has been suspended due to the spread of infectious diseases. As of August 25,2021)


NIGHT OUT with SAMURAI!Matsumoto Night Tour Plan

per person

Adults 10500Yen 20 years and over

Plan Details

Duration 2021/4/1(Thu)~2022/3/31(Thu)
※Subject to change depending on COVID-19 conditions.
Excluded Dates 12/30、12/31、1/1
What is included in the travel/plan price ・Guide
・Seasonal appetizers of chef’s choice
Minimum number of people for reservation 2 person/people
Minimum number of travelers 2 person/people
Maximum number of applicants 5 person/people
Tour Conductor No
Tour Time Almost 3 hours
Reservation Deadline 2 days before
Payment Method Creditcard
- Meeting Place -

Address is displayed when location is selected.

Meet at the first IZAKAYA Time at 20:00

- Important Points -
  • It may be with other customers.
  • This is a tour to enjoy alcohol. With the consent of parents, customers under the age of 20 can participate in this tour, but under Japanese law, even foreigners under the age of 20 cannot drink alcohol.
  • If you need special consideration for entering or staying, such as infants, please let us know at the time of booking. We may not be able to accept it depending on the situation.
  • Please let us know at the time of booking about allergies and other dietary restrictions as well.
    We will respond to it as much as possible.
- Cancellation Fee -

In cases where the customer cancels the contract after the contract has been completed, 1 customer will be charged a cancellation fee from their travel fee at the following rates. In cases where multiple people are participating and a portion of the customers cancel their contracts, we will charge the remaining customers a fee based on the difference according to the change in the number of people (around 1 vehicle/1 room per person) using transport and accommodation facilities.

From 3 days before to 1 day before The activity day No-contact after the tour start 1
20% 50% 100%
- Plan Provider Company -

5231-65 Toyoshina, Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture

Sales Manager:Takahashi

Contact Phone Number:+81-80-3438-4735


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Plan Contents

Course details

20:00 Meeting at the first izakaya・・・20:00〜21:00 (The First ) ・・・21:15〜21:55(The Second)
・・・22:10〜23:00 (The Third)・・・Split and say bye at the third izakaya

(All on foot /・・・Walk)


Fukazake / Shizuka / 8 oz / THE SAKE PUB etc. ※planning to enlarge gradually

Guide wearing period costume

Discover a little deeper Matsumoto by pub crawling with samurai and ninja.
Let’s go to the pub recommended by the guide.

Drinking and comparison of Japanese sake

Matsumoto is famous as the place of famous water (Exquisite and Well-Conserve Water) Local sake made from that water is one of specialties.
You can compare the taste by drinking some local sake mainly.

Seasonal Appetizers

Not only Japanese sake but also chef’s appetizers made from local ingredients.
You will find new combination of yourself from traditional cuisine to new specialty cuisine.

Explanation by Guide

Your guide will talk about features of each sake and the culture of traditional food so on.
It’s a chance to interact with the master of the pub and local drinkers.

Local pub in Matsumoto

For you who want to drink not only Japanese Sake but also other alcohol.
We have variety of izakaya pubs on your request.
The photo shows the pub which we took the guest from England to drink guinness beer on his request.