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Cook traditional teatime treats with the village grannies

Visit a lovely rural village up in the mountains and discover the distinctive local food tradition together with cute local grannies. Get to know your ingredients with a short seasonal farming experience, then cook one or two typical dishes to go with your tea.


A course Cook traditional teatime treats with the village grannies【No guide】

per person

Adults 2750Yen
Children 1375Yen 4~12 years old Free for children under 3 years old

B course Cook traditional teatime treats with the village grannies【English-speaking guide】

per person

Adults 3300Yen
Children 1375Yen 4~12 years old Free for children under 3 years old

Plan Details

Duration 2021/9/1(Wed)~2022/12/27(Tue)
Excluded Dates None
What is included in the travel/plan price ・Activity
・English-speaking guide(B course)
Minimum number of people for reservation 2 person/people
Minimum number of travelers 2 person/people
Maximum number of applicants 20 person/people
Tour Conductor No
Tour Time Almost 1.5 hours
Reservation Deadline 10 days before the activity
Payment Method Creditcard
- Meeting Place -

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【By Train】JR Chino Station

【By Car】Sasahara community center

- Important Points -
  • Only fluent Japanese speakers can reserve the [no guide] option.
  • This is a private experience.
  • It takes 20min by car from JR Chino Station. Free transfer is available( On request / It depends on the number of people )
- Other -
  • Vegetarian and vegan options are available. If you have any allergies or other dietary requirements, please inform the staff when you book.
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In cases where the customer cancels the contract after the contract has been completed, 1 customer will be charged a cancellation fee from their travel fee at the following rates. In cases where multiple people are participating and a portion of the customers cancel their contracts, we will charge the remaining customers a fee based on the difference according to the change in the number of people (around 1 vehicle/1 room per person) using transport and accommodation facilities.

7 days before 3 days before 1 day before The activity day No-contact after the activity start
30% 50% 70% 100% 100%
- Plan Provider Company -

Chino Tourism Organization
Chino Station building, Chino 3506, Chino, Nagano, Japan
Registration of Travel Services:Governor of NaganoTravel Services Type 2 611
Certified General Travel Services Manager:Tago naomi

Contact Phone Number:810266-78-7631


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Plan Contents

Course details

13:30 Meet the grannie(If coming by train, meet at JR Chino Station with the guide)・・・
14 : 00 The grannie will introduce today’s menu and ingredients・・・ 14:10 Seasonal farming experience 14:40 Cooking time 15:00 Enjoy a delicious tea break with the grannie・・・15 : 30 Activity ends

*The activity is also available in the morning. The starting time can be adjusted to fit your schedule.

Short Farming Experience

Before you start cooking, you can get a taste of the season by doing a short farming activity.

If your journey happens to fall during spring, you will probably forage some wild herbs to go with your meal. In summer, chances are you will pick some fresh vegetables in the grannie’s field to use in your recipes. In autumn, you might make dry persimmons or pickle some veggies. In winter, you will either make shimi daikon (freeze-dried, preserved food made by hanging daikon outside for several weeks) or miso.

Cooking Time

After you have warmed up by trying out the farming task, it is time to cook. The menu, like the farming activity, depends on the time of year. Perhaps, you will cut summer vegetables into slices to decorate a colorful agar cake, or you will mash some steaming rice to make rustic mochi accompanied with edamame or perilla sauce.

Enjoy a different treat for each season

From right to left:
Nota-Mochi (countryside-style sticky rice with savory edamame sauce)
Hozuki-Daifuku (rice cake stuffed with a winter cherry)
Mashed potatoes with perilla sauce

Below:Aburae-Mochi, strawberry and soy milk tenyose (agar cake)

※The ones listed above are just examples of the snacks you can sample at the end of the activity.

Say Itadakimasu!

Once everything is ready, take a seat and enjoy your delicious dishes while chatting with the grannies.
※an English-speaking guide will be with you at all times, so you can ask the locals any question that comes to mind.